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Heartland Works, Inc. can help you with your company's Human Resource goals! We help make your HR team a greater success!

Have you found yourself asking any of the following questions?


"The applicants that I speak with are often missing one or two essential skills, but I would like to hire them anyway. How do I take a good applicant and train them to be a potentially great employee? Can Heartland Works, Inc. help me with skills training."

"I need to hire several employees, but do not have enough space in my office to complete the interview process. Are there facilities that I can use with a computer, a copier, and interview space to facilitate this process?"

"New Human Resource regulations are implemented nearly every day and I would really like to have some up-to-date training.  What’s an easy way to keep up with all the new information?"

If you have questions similar to these:  
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