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WIOA Eligible Training Providers

The Local Area II Eligible Training Provider Certification System was developed in response to the requirements of Section 122 of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 (Public Law 105-220) signed into law on August 7, 1998. It continues with the WIOA (Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act of 2014).

The WIOA emphasized informed customer choice, system performance and continuous improvement. The WIOA requires the Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB) and the State to identify training providers whose performance qualifies them to receive WIOA funds to train adults and dislocated workers. Once training providers are determined eligible, they are placed on a state-wide list which also makes them eligible to receive Individual Training Account (ITA) vouchers, the instruments established on behalf of WIOA eligible customers to purchase training. Policies regarding Local Area II Eligible Training Provider System is based on the requirements of the WIOA.

Eligible providers of programs may include postsecondary educational institutions, entities that carry out programs under the National Apprenticeship Act and other public or private providers, including faith-based providers, of a program of training services. Programs of training services are one or more courses or classes, or a structured regimen that upon successful completion leads to: 1) A certificate, an associate degree, or baccalaureate degree, or 2) The skills or competencies needed for a specific job or jobs, and occupation, occupational group or generally, for many types of jobs or occupations, as recognized by employers and determined prior to training.

Initial Eligibility

Interested providers of training programs may make application for initial eligibility by contacting Sharon Beyer, Senior Operations Director at the Administrative Office of Heartland Works, Inc. by phone 785-234-0500, or email sbeyer@heartlandworks.org.

Subsequent Eligibility

After a training provider’s program(s) have been approved for initial eligibility, the program will be required to undergo an annual eligibility determination, called Subsequent Eligibility. An application and performance information is submitted and must be approved for the eligible program(s) to remain on the Kansas Eligible Training Provider (ETP) List. Subsequent Eligibility or "Re-Certification" information will be entered and required updates maintained by theTraining Provider using the Training Provider's online account at KANSASWORKS.

Listing of Current Kansas Eligible Training Providers

A current listing of Kansas, WIOA approved Eligible Training Providers (ETPs) can be accessed at the KANSASWORKS website. Once you have accessed the KANSASWORKS site, select Triaining/ Education (tab at top of page). Click on the "Search" button under "Search for training and Education Providers." No need to enter Key Words or School Type. Select “Resources” (left of screen). Select "Training Providers" and then "Training Provider Search." On the School & Training Provider Search window, check the "WIOA Approved" box at the bottom and click “Search.” A current listing of WIOA approved Training Providers for Kansas is displayed.

Some of the ETPs on the Kansas ETP List have been approved through Local Area II and some have applied and determined eligible through other WIOA Kansas Local Areas. Generally providers of training programs make application for eligibility with the Kansas Local Area where located. After initial eligibility is approved by the Local Area of application, the provider’s program(s) are available for customers in all Kansas Local Areas. Each Kansas Local Area may have additional eligibility criteria for ETPs.

More Information

If you have questions regarding the Local Area II Eligible Training Provider Certification System, please contact Heartland Works, Inc. Senior Operations Director, Sharon Beyer at 5020 SW 28th Street, Suite 100, Topeka, KS, 66614-2348; 785-234-0500 or fax 785-234-0552.


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